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The Dream of having a studio I don't need to eat at!

I have a very whimsical view of what being an artist should be. I picture a barn conversion with a double glass doors that opens onto the most perfectly lit patio, preferably in the south of France. Alas this is not my reality. My reality is currently working at my dining table, whist on a nation wide house arrest with two small children and getting far to combatable not wearing a bra. It still however brings me a humongous amount of joy to paint and create things and for that I am truly blessed.

So this is my first Blog entry because I am for the first time not just creating art but really tying with all this other stuff, website, online galleries, social media. You know the bits that get your art sold rather than just sitting. So far all this adulting is going better than expected still got so far to go though. So if any one happens to trip over my obscure blog on my obscure webpage that is not my mother "love you mum" please look me up, and give me a like or a follow on Instagram or Facebook, I'm Clare Denny Art on both. Also if anyone has any tips or advice they would be greatly received please just drop me a message. Unless its about my poor writing skills there is not enough help in the world to help me out there.

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