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Just write a children's book I said, wont take long I said.....

Well.... It is taking long. I am determined to finish it though. I started said book three years ago and after originally underestimating the task at hand then giving up I have started again. I wanted to do this not because I thought it would be easy I would like to say, I knew it would be challenging, but because I have two little girls though I think might love it.

So my manuscript is done and my illustrations are about 80% through now. So I thought I would share on here. So here are a selection of some of my illustrations.

Thank you for reading,

( I know he is the wrong way round I have another one where car is spelt right way. To be honest I'm not sure at witch stage this flippy mishap happened but writing this, which has taken longer than changing the image, seemed the right course of action)

#giraffesjustwanttohavefun this is not the name of the book just thought it was a good hash tag

#giraffe #illistration #childrensbook #art #artist #runningoutofhashtags #claredenny

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