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So a little about me, I am an Artist based in Lincolnshire if you have been here you will know its flat and why I paint 9 people. In all seriousness though I have always been fascinated by  portraiture. I love to look at a person and try identify what makes them well, them. Their features the way the light falls on their face but also the feeling of their character. I want my paintings to look like the person they are intended to be, but I also want them to have a feeling of how I perceive them as a person and their mood. I also like to include some elements that I don't have control of. Simply because we all need to accept the chaos a little.I would like to thank you for being here for tolerating my terrible writing and looking at my art. Each click means the world to me.

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Thank you for having a look around, As an artist I appreciate all of your support. Any question just drop me a message. If you want a print of an artwork not currently listed for sale please just ask




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